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Negreanu knows what’s what in the world of poker

July 20th, 2012 by admin

Negreanu knows what’s what in the world of poker
by Thursday ,22 Sep 2011 Already a poker legend Daniel Negreanu is taking a bigger role behind the scenes Some of the biggest poker stars in the world are logging on to their PokerStars accounts in order to get in on the estimated $30 million dollars cash that’s available in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) event that is happening right now and continues for the best part of a month. One player who can’t stop writing, tweeting and generally blabbing about the massive event is Canadian Poker mega star Daniel Negreanu. This player is one of the most instantly recognisable faces of the game and is constantly appearing on television in both live events as well as online games. In the wake of the Black Friday events Negreanu left his home in Las Vegas, Nevada and returned to his native Canada in order to continue playing the online game. The WCOOP will provide him with an excellent opportunity to ensure that this was the right decision as he looks to grab a big piece of the pot in the coming days. As one of the faces of PokerStars Negreanu is often talking about their events and issues, recently he tweeted about their technical issues to reassure players that they were under control. He is known not to shy away from the major issues of the day and strongly criticised Full Tilt Poker when they were involved in a spat with fellow poker megastar Phil Ivey over their refusal to payback their player’s funds. The Canadian player isn’t just valued for his poker skills but also for his business acumen. The Vice President of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Ty Stewart, said of Negreanu that “He’s the complete package. There are many brilliant thinkers on the poker side but he understands the business and marketing side as well as anyone is able to.” He even went as far as saying “I’d happily work for him one day.” Negreanu is known for associating not just with poker players but also with the executives who run the tournaments, offering advice on how to improve their services and attract more players. Even Phil Helmuth admits that Negreanu is one helluva businessman saying “Yeah, he’s definitely a good ambassador for poker,” Hellmuth admitted. “He’s a really good one, maybe great. He generates a lot of interest amongst fans all across the planet. People want to watch him play, hear his shtick, you know?”

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