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porn affiliate business

porn affiliate business
After some serious thought I’ve decided that I’m getting into the porn affiliate business. Although I do enjoy going to strip bars, I seldom view porn online. I’m not a big fan, but when I do go on to those types of sites I like nude model sites. The poker affiliate business is a tough niche and I’m sure the porn affiliate niche is just as difficult. I have to seek other means of income after the destruction of Full Tilt Poker by the DOJ. Sorry, back to my point, I wanted to promote a nude soft core porn site rather than a hardcore porn site that I would be embarrassed to work for. I chose this soft porn affiliate program. I am doing a 50% revenue share with them and plan on developing some sites to promote them. I have had some sites up for over a year dealing with females, but have been too busy promoting poker sites. Poker and hot chicks is a good mix but I don’t know if the poker sites I have up can convert porn?? Outsource your programming for less.

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