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Outplay Poker Giveaway #1

November 6th, 2011 by admin

Outplay Poker Giveaway #1
It’s time for another giveway! This giveaway is courtesy of and is for 200 Ace Casino poker chips in a carousel.Good luck, nutn Hey Guys,I know one of the great things here on HPT is the free giveaways so we thought that we would join in all the fun.Up for grabs is one Ace Casino 14 Gram 200 piece poker chip set with a carousel ( This chip set features 200 clay 14 gram laser sticker poker chips with a glossy finished solid wood 200 piece carousel as well as 2 decks of cards!How to Register:To register, you must create an account with Outplay Poker. You do not have to purchase anything, and creating an account is 100% free. We will use each person’s account number as their ticket number and then choose a ticket at random. As well we will use your address for shipping the prize and your email to notify you.Unfortunately any person who lives outside of the United States, upon winning the contest must pay for shipping and handling due to the excessive cost of international shipping.You can register for an account here: you register, please reply to the Outplay Poker Giveaway #1 Registration thread to confirm your registration and entry into this contest!How We Choose a Winner:Just like many giveaways here on the HPT forum we will use the DJIA closing quote on September 22, 2011 to chose the winner. We will match the last 3 – 4 numbers of the DJIA to the last 3 – 4 numbers of every entrants customer number. The person with the closet number will be declared the winner.While your at Outplay Poker feel free to take a look around at all our poker poker chips and accessories! Good luck to everyone!Best Regards,The Outplay Team

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