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Poker players take to the casinos in huge numbers

September 16th, 2011 by admin

Poker players take to the casinos in huge numbers
by Thursday ,25 Aug 2011 In the wake of Black Friday many US poker pros have been making regular trips to the local casino The events of April 15th that have come to be known as Black Friday have left a huge mark on the online gaming community of North America. It is estimated that tens of millions of American citizens enjoyed playing poker online and thousands made their living from the game. An elite few were “fully sponsored pros” meaning that they were able to play with someone else’s money and split the profits. When the online game was taken away from citizens of the United States the thousands of men and women who depended on online poker for their livelihood were left without a source of income. Former online players have dealt with these changes in a number of ways. Some have left the United States for Canada and other countries where it is legal to play, others have gone to the local casinos to play in live tournaments and tables leading to a massive increase in the number of players playing live. One former fully sponsored pro poker player is Bryan Trischetta. The fact that he can’t play online anymore ensured that he had to start making regular visits to Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs casino room to make some money. “It’s a numbers game,” He says of poker, the game he used to play on as many as 10 tables at the same time. “The more you play, the better you do.” Bryan’s highest place finish since playing live casino tables was $3,176 for a 6th place finish at the Mohegan Sun which was the biggest tournament in the history of the casino. “Until Black Friday, I came here to get away,” Trischetta laments. “Now, I’m coming all the time, primarily to play the tournaments.” Trischetta is still looking to produce the kinds of results that he was able to come up with everyday online and has done well in the events held at the casino having cashed in three of the four biggest events the Mohegan Sun has held since Black Friday. Each time he cashed he made it to the final table coming seventh out of 119 in April for $1,154 and ninth out of 102 in May for $618 in the $285 buy-in events. There are many players in the same position as Bryan, all of them attempting to make a living in the casinos of the United states.

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