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Poker Network Ongame B2B Up For Grabs

September 16th, 2011 by admin

Poker Network Ongame B2B Up For Grabs
by Thursday ,21 Jul 2011 Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment has decided to sell Ongame B2B poker one of its biggest assets While shockwaves are still being felt in the poker world after the events of Black Friday, when the United States effectively closed its doors to online poker, different gaming sites are responding to the change in different ways. At Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment the decision has been made to sell of one of its biggest assets in the form of the Ongame B2B poker network. The sale is expected to have been finalised by December 2011 if not before.Shareholders will be formally informed of the decision and the ramifications of that decision at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Gibraltar. This news comes in the wake of disappointing numbers of players migrating to the poker network after Full Tilt Poker and the Absolute Network ceased being able to provide online poker to clients. Since not many players made the leap to t B2B network and it appears that another company is going to have the opportunity to build it up into a poker monolith.It hasn’t been a bad time for Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment whose share prices have soared over 11% since the closure of Full Tilt Poker. At the moment anyone with a poker site should be expecting an influx of former Full Tilt Poker players. That site had an average of 9,000 players sitting down at the virtual felt at any given time, all of whom are now going to be looking for a new place to play.The site that is expected to make the biggest gains from the changes in the poker world is Poker Stars, already the biggest poker site. With their biggest rival unable to offer any online services at the moment Poker Stars have made announcement after announcement to reassure players that their money is safe with them. Other gaming sites that are expecting to cash in on the demise of Full Tilt include William Hill Poker. Being a high street brand they can expect that UK players especially will be flocking to them as a known and trusted entity.William Hill Poker is on the ipoker network which is expecting to do well across all of its sites and has also begun emphasising the safe way in which it holds players funds for them while they play. For players it is both a worrying time for those who have their money locked away in the virtual vaults of Full Tilt but it is also a buyers market as sites all over the web begin new promotions to attract the surplus of players who now have to decide which site to switch to.

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