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Duke calls for legalisation of online gambling

Duke calls for legalisation of online gambling
Annie Duke backs the legalisation of online gambling at the House of Financial Services ^Annie Duke has argued to the House financial Services Committee that it is people’s right to gamble online and should not be illegal ^mary ashton^^Annie Duke testifies in favour of online gaming^Should online poker be legal?

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Online Poker Confidence – Two Secrets For Building It

This article is for intermediate or advanced online poker players who desire to move to the next level by building up their confidence.

Have you sometimes felt like after joining an online poker table, the other players seemed to know if you had a strong hand or not? If you started betting with a monster hand, everyone else would fold. Or if you had a medium strength hand, your opponent would bet heavily, forcing you to fold.

Do not despair, this is a very common feeling. And the most common reason is that you are not using the tools that your opponents are using against you, putting you at a disadvantage. There are all sorts of online poker aids and it is far from obvious to know which ones are really useful and powerful.

The most potent poker tool if you play on the Web is the head up display, a.k.a. HUD. These incredibly sharp programs create a transparent overlay over the poker table that shows your opponents’ playing style and tendencies. There are two kinds of HUDs, the ones relying on a local database and the ones based on a large remote hand histories database.

Local HUDs are extensions or parts of programs such as Hold’em Manager or PokerOffice. These software collect all the hands that you have played online and reorganize the data in order to extract the characteristics of all players that you faced in the past. Looseness/tightness and passiveness/aggression are measured and displayed over each player. So that you know instantly what type of player you are facing.

Most people already know and use such products. The first secret is that if you want to gain an additional advantage, you can buy data mined hand histories. By doing so, you can add information about players that you never faced before. So the next time that you sit next to GoldenDonk33 for instance, you may immediately know that he is a dangerous shark.

Alternatively if you had not had such information, it may have cost you a few stacks before you have played enough hands for your local database to get updated and to show this player’s tendencies. Note that there are vendors that sell hand histories from poker rooms such as pokerstars or full tilt poker, which frown upon such practice. But there is nothing they can do as it is illegal for them to scan your private computer information in order to detect such purchase.

This first secret is thus a method for enhancing your local poker tracker database by purchasing hand histories, if you already use such software or if you decide to start using them. In the same range of poker tools, and this is the second secret, there is a product that is a remote poker tracker. This product brings the entire concept to a new level.

This program is called poker-edge. What poker-edge does is collect millions of hands over the Internet by using an army of enslaved computers whose only task is to connect to one among one hundred different online poker rooms and to record hand histories. The end result of poker-edge massive data mining activity is that this helps generate a very information-rich HUD for you. But you do not need to maintain a local poker tracker software or to buy hand histories. All such background work is done automatically for you. The final result is the same except that poker-edge players’ stats are massive.

It is a matter of choice if you decide to have an enhanced local poker database or if you prefer to have an automated remote HUD. But if you fail to use at least one of the two secrets for building confidence at online poker, then you are nearly certain to wonder at times how come it seems that your opponents know the strength of your hands. But you don’t.

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Poker Tournament Coming To Florida

Poker Tournament Coming To Florida
It will give people the opportunity to compete in a poker tournament.

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Using A Guide To Find A No Deposit Casino

The best way to find a no deposit casino is to use a guide that will give you a list of all of the casinos and what you need to do in order to obtain bonuses or play at the casinos.  A no deposit casino can be a play as you go casino where you can just play and use your credit or debit card in order to bet and collect winnings or it can be a casino where they are willing to give you a bonus without you putting up any of your own money.  If you are looking for the best casino action on the internet and like to test out the different casinos, then you will want to take a look a guide that will show you how to find a no deposit casino.

There are so many casinos all over the internet that it can be difficult for players to choose which is the one that is perfect for them.  Many people like the idea of being able to play around a bit when they are testing out online gambling and do not want to hop to the first casino that they see.  They can get plenty of casino action if they use a no deposit casino for this purpose.  A no deposit casino  is easy to find if you know where to look and there are a number of them out there where you can enjoy yourself gambling online without having to put forth any of your own money.  You should take a good look at what is out there through a third party list site so that you can find the best no deposit casino for you.

The way that it usually works with a no deposit casino is that you open up an account and download software if needed.  You do not have to put any money into your account when you get a no deposit casino that will give you a bonus.  Once your account is established, the casino will deposit money into your account and you can play.  You can have a ball enjoying the casino action that you like in this way and do not have to spend your own money.  You need to be sure of the rules that apply to the no deposit casino as for how long you can play.  Most of the time, the no deposit casino will give you a certain amount of money that needs to be used within a specified amount of time.  You can then stay at the casino or try another no deposit casino.

If you have a list, you can find the best no deposit casino that has everything that you want to make your online gambling fun.  This means the best bonuses as well as the best games that you enjoy for the casino.  You should take a look at a list that will give you the options that you need to find the best no deposit casino for you when you are looking for online gambling action.

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